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Body Souffle (Whipped Body Butter)

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Body Souffle (Whipped Body Butter)

Super rich moisturizing blend of butters, oil and scent!

Ingredients: Mango, Macadamia Nut & Shea Butters, Apricot Kernel or Sunflower Oil, Scent

Eat The Cake (French Vanilla)
Boss Babe (Sweet Pink Sugar)
Good Vibez (Coconut Lime)
HustleHER (Lemongrass)
Empress (Coconut Cream)
Island Girl (Pineapple)
Kiss (Grapefruit)
In The Clouds (Vanilla Bean Marshmallow)
Royal (Mango Papaya)
King (Clean Cotton, Bergamot)
Naked (Unscented)
Creme Brulee Babe
Watermelon Swirl
Orange Creamsicle
Tropical Ting (Lime & Sugarcane)
Cashmere Cream